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Sprinter GOLD Whelp ‘n’ Grow has been formulated to make up the shortfalls of a wide range of nutrients which have roles in normal growth and development, health and metabolism. It is based on the latest NRC (2006) Nutrient Requirements for Dogs nutrient intake recommendations for pregnant, lactating and growing dogs, including greyhounds.

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Whelp 'n' Grow

Sprinter Gold

Bone Mineral, Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Breeding and Growing Greyhounds

An adequate intake of a wide range of nutrients is necessary for normal growth and development processes of unborn puppies in the in-whelp brood bitch, the quality of the milk and maintaining the health of the lactating bitch, as well as the growth of puppies after birth and as they grow from weaning. Although many complete dry foods contain a wide range of nutrients for pregnancy and lactation in brood bitches and development of growing puppies, if meat is included in the diet, then shortfalls in the meat portion may cause an imbalanced or inadequate intake of important nutrients, which can be corrected by a daily supplement of  Whelp n Grow™.

Whelp n Grow™ is an innovative formulation to make up the shortfalls of a wide range of nutrients which have roles in normal growth and development, health and metabolism, as well as fertility in brood bitches and stud dogs. It contains acidified bone minerals for optimum uptake of calcium, trace-minerals in organic chelated proteinate form and coated forms of key Vitamins to help ensure optimum availability and stability of the supplement during storage and daily use, all in balanced proportions.

It is the only supplement available which is formulated to the latest NRC (2006) Nutrient Requirements for Dogs nutrient intake recommendations for pregnant, lactating bitches and growing dogs, including greyhounds.

Directions and Dosage

Each Scoopful (small end) fo Sprinter Gold Whelp 'n' Grow provides a 5g dose.

Sprinkle the Daily dosage over the main meal.  In lactating bitches being fed 2 meals per day, add half the daily amount to each meal.  Sprinter Gold is a concentrated supplement.  If you are feeding an amount of 10g daily commence on a half dose daily increasing it over 3-4 days until the full dose is accepted.  Always ensure ther is an adequate supply of clean fresh water daily.

Supplementary Rates:

Greyhound Bitches and Pups on meat and Kibble Based Diets
In-Whelp Bitches   First 30 Days of Pregnancy    2.5g per 10kg of body weight daily 
   Last 33 days of pregnancy
 3.5g per 10kg of body weight daily
 Lactating Bitches  
 Up until Weaning
 5g per 10kg of body weight daily, divided between 2 meals
   After weaning maintenance
 2.5g per 10kg of body weight daily
 Growing Pups
 Up to 10kg body weight
 5g per 5kg of body weight daily
   10-20kg of body weight
 3.5g per 5kg of body weight daily
   > 20 kg body weight
 3.5g per 10kg of body weight daily until adult age, including the breakingin and education peroid.
 Working Stud Dogs  on meat and Kibble Based Diets
Stud performing regular Stud Duties  3.5g per 10kg of body weight daily


For dogs on a complete Kibble Based Diet Halve the daily dose.

WARNING: This product contains COPPER.  It is not suitable to supplement the diets of Beddlington Teriers or their crossbreeds, or any other breeds with a copper intolerance.

Active Ingredients

Each 1kg or Whelp N Grow contains:

Bone Minerals   Vitamin Co-factors  
Calcium (as Hydrogen Phoshate &  Carbonate)  170g  Vitamin A ( Retinol)   57.1mg (190331IU)   
Phosphorous (as Hydrogen Phosphate)  85g  Vitamin B1 (Tiamine HCL)
Magnesim (as Oxide)  20g  Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
     Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
 Essential Trace Elements
   Vitamin B5 (Calcium Panththenate)  
 Copper (Organic Proteinate)
 4335mg  Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl)
 Zinc (Organic Proteinate)     2400mg  
 Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)
 Manganese (Organic Proteinate)  800mg  Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
 0.5mg (20,000IU)
 Iron (Organic Proteinate)  3000mg  Vitamin E (d-α-RRR-Trocopherol Acetate)
 4000mg (7,000IU)
 Cobalt (sulphate)
 37.7mg  Vitamin H (biotin)
 Iodine (as Iodine)
 50mg  Vitamin K (Menadione Sodium Bisulphate) 
 Selenium (Organic Proteinate)  3mg  Folic Acid
 Chromium (Organic Proteinate)  10mg    
Also Contains      
Sodium Chloride    20g     
Potassim (as Chloride) 10    
 Choline (as Chloide) 1250mg
 Vitamin C 20g    
 Min Crude Protein 2.1%    
 Min Crude Fat 0.7%    
 Min Salt (NaCl) 3%    



Q. Whelp ’n’ Grow contains a concentrated source of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Why?
A. These are the primary minerals which have a role in the growth and development of bones and joints in unborn puppies and growing pups. An adequate intake of these minerals is also necessary to help maintain bone strength in brood bitches during whelp and lactation where the outflow of calcium into milk can demineralise bone. As a brood bitch or stud dog ages, the uptake of bone minerals from the bowel can reduce and common diets based on meat, dry food and table food may not provide an adequate intake of bone minerals to maintain bone strength. This can lead to weakening of the bone structure and even osteoporosis in aging greyhounds, particularly bitches which are kennelled indoors. Whelp ’n ’Grow also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin D to assist in the uptake and regulation of calcium, especially for brood bitches largely kept out of sunlight in a whelping area with her young puppies or young pups being raised in outside yards during the winter months when UV light is reduced even on sunny winter days.

Q Why is the Whelp ’n’ Grow formulation acidified?
A. The absorption of calcium and magnesium from the small intestine is relative to the amount of acid passed on from the highly acid stomach with the food mass the being digested. Although meat based diets produce acids during digestion in the small intestine, diets high in kibble, bread, milk and dry food contribute more alkaline which can reduce the essential acidity of the small intestine during digestion and may hamper optimum uptake of calcium and bone minerals. Whelp ‘n ‘Grow contains dicalcium phosphate and other acidified minerals which have roles in ensuring an optimum environment in the small intestine for uptake of calcium and magnesium.

Q. What other important nutrients are contributed by Whelp ’n’ Grow?
A. Besides copper, zinc, manganese and iron, which may all be low in the diet of brood bitches and growing pups, especially those fed on a raw meat based diet with minimum kibble, Whelp ’n’ Grow contributes extra iodine to help maintain optimum growth and metabolism, organic selenium to help muscle function and the full range of vitamins which have roles in metabolism, vitality and maintaining liver function.

Q. Whelp ’n’ Grow provides high supplementary level of Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Is there any justifica- tion for including additional amounts of these important vitamins?
A. Yes. Vitamin E, which is included in the biologically active form of natural source of RRR vitamin E, along with the trace-mineral selenium, which is included in an organic form as selenium yeast, as well as Vitamin A and Vitamin C, are all important antioxidants which have roles in nerve and muscle development and function, maintaining the immune system and fertility in brood bitches and working stud dogs.

Q. Biotin is also a nutrient not commonly added to greyhound foods. What does it do?
A. Biotin is a type of B group vitamin-it used to be called Vitamin H for this reason. It has a role in contributing to the hardness of the toe nails, as well as the health and structure of the skin.

Q. What is choline and why is it included?
A. Choline is a form of B vitamin which provides organic methyl compounds when digested have a role in maintaining tissue growth and liver function in brood bitches in whelp and during lactation. Choline assists in detoxifying harmful nutrients in food and its metabolites following digestion.

Q. Whelp ’n’ Grow is less dusty than many other powdered supplements. Why?
A. This is achieved by the addition of small amounts of GM-Free canola oil, which is very stable during storage, but helps to bind up dust. The palatability and acceptance of Whelp ’n’ Grow is assured by the inclusion of a synthetic human food safe roast chicken flavouring oil which brood bitches heavy in whelp and growing puppies find appetising and tempting, even by the fussiest of eaters.

Because of the high content of calcium compounds to provide adequate amounts to supplement meat and kibble based diets, as well as the oil added to reduce dust, Whelp ‘n ‘ Grow is not recommended to be fed by mixing it in milk. It is best added to the main meal each day.

Q. Are there any other Sprinter Gold  greyhound products which may be of benefit to growing pups after weaning?
A. Yes. Whelp ‘n ‘Grow has been formulated as a complete supplement with specific nutrients in higher amounts which have roles in bone and joint development, muscle and nerve development and function, the immune system and overall well-being. There are 2 products which may also be beneficial to young greyhounds during their formative first year.

A short 7-14 day course of Sprinter Gold  Muscle-Pro is recommended to provide highly digestible amino acids which have roles in muscle development, particularly in young greyhounds which are’ slabby sided’, or have had a set- back in growth due to sickness or injury. Full directions are included on the label of Muscle-Pro.

The other product is Sprinter Gold Energy-E. A growing pup’s diet may be low, even if it is good condition, in essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 to fatty acids which have roles in maintaining natural anti-inflammatory and hormone compound synthesis, as well as skin health and coat condition. A 5 mL dose per 10kg bodyweight daily added to the main meal of a growing greyhound will help provide essential Omega-3/Omega-6 oils to assist coat condition and promote a shiny coat within 14-21 days.

Q. What pack sizes are available?
A. A 500 gram tin is a suitable size for young growing greyhound being raised after weaning.    1.5 kg and 4 kg

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