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Sprinter Gold ENERGY-E is a high energy, highly palatable source of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids, blended in an optimum ratio to correct low or inadequate levels in common meat and dry food diets. Omega fatty acids are essential for optimum muscle cell and natural anti-inflammatory function. ENERGY-E contains added Vitamin E to help protect Omega-3 fatty acids from rapid oxidation in muscle tissue during exercise.

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Sprinter Gold

Greyhounds can utilise oils (fats) as an high energy source, even at sprint race speed, as compared to other sprint athletes.  ENERGY-E™ has 3 important benefits when added to a greyhounds diet.

ENERGY-E™ provides a source of high quality stabilised oil (lipid source) or fat as an energy top-up during training and when panting during hot weather to help maintain optimum energy levels in the muscles during racing.

ENERGY-E™ contributes a careful balance between Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fats. Cold water fish oil included in the blend of oil provides eicosanoid compounds which have a role in many physiological and metabolic functions, including natural hormone synthesis, anti-inflammatory activity, maintenance of healthy muscle cell wall membranes, as well as skin and coat condition.

ENERGY-E™ contains oil soluble Vitamin E at 2000IU per litre, or 40IU of  Vitamin E per average 20mL daily dose, to supplement greyhound diets which are often low in this essential Vitamin.  

Palatability is assured with the unique blend of Omega oils and the slight  aroma of fish oil - most greyhounds will lick it off a plate!

Directions and Dosage

1 Tablespoon = 20ml of Energy E Oil.

Do Not Shake the container prior to feeding, as this introduces oil into the oil and increases the risk of rancidity.  Under Hot Climate conditions it is recommeded to refrigerate the product.

Supplementary Rates:

Routine Supplementation
 25-30 kg   
 15-20ml daily
 Dogs  30-35 kg
 20-25ml Daily
   During Hot Weather Energy E is useflu to offset the drain from panting during hot weather or when travelling
  15mL morning and night
 30-35kg   20mL morning and night


Ensure you monitor your dogs weight to ensure optimum racing weight

Active Ingredients

Each 1L:

Blended Cold Water fish oil, canola and sunflower Oils
Oil Soluble Natural d-α-RRR-tocopherol Acetate



Q What are the benefits of including ENERGY-E oil in my greyhound’s ration?
A Greyhounds can benefit substantially from the addition of ENERGY-E to their daily ration. ENERGY-E oil is an excellent ‘cool’ concentrated energy source, making it highly suitable for greyhounds where additional aerobic energy is required for racing and during hot weather to offset the energy drain of panting, without resulting in unwanted ‘excitable’ behaviour.

ENERGY-E oil is easily digested and is therefore ideal for greyhounds in hard training and in cases where digestive efficiency is significantly reduced. The oils in ENERGY-E facilitate the absorption of Vitamin E and other fat soluble Vitamins A, D and K from the small bowel.    Therefore, the innovative formulation of ENERGY-E provides a natural carrier for its own source of Vitamin E. The oils in ENERGY-E also help to maintain the health of the skin and coat, ensuring your greyhound has a soft, shiny coat and looks a million dollars!

Q ENERGY-E contains Omega-3 & Omega -6 fatty acids in an optimum ratio. Why?
A ENERGY-E contains an optimum ratio of 1 part Omega-3 to 3.5 parts Omega-6 fatty acids. This ratio is achieved by a balanced combination of cold water fish oil, cold-pressed GM free canola and sunflower oils. A balanced ratio is important for membrane stability, metabolic function and to improve skin and coat condition. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids also have roles in the body by providing natural anti-inflammatory compounds. The cold water fish oil provides long chain Omega-3 fatty acids which contribute eicosopentanoic acid (EPA) and docosohexanoic acid (DHA). These have important natural anti-inflammatory activity within the muscles and other tissues, derivatives for natural hormone synthesis within the cells, as well as improving the function and strength of blood vessels and body cells. They also have important roles in maintaing normal fertility of breeding greyhounds when adequate and balanced levels are provided in the diet.

Q Why does ENERGY-E contain 2000IU per litre of oil soluble, natural source d-α-RRR Vitamin E?
A Vitamin E is a natural and essential antioxidant vitamin involved in digestive function and metabolic reactions. Vitamin E is commonly likely to be inadequate in greyhound feeds due to a low natural content and loss due to processing and storage. ENERGY-E is the first oil in the world to contain its own built-in oil soluble, natural source, potent d-α-RRR vitamin E at the recommended rate of 1mg Vitamin E per gram of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA’s) or a minimum of 1000 Iu/Litre. The ENERGY-E formulation contains 2000 Iu of Vitamin E per litre, or double the recommended minimum protective level.

The Vitamin E in ENERGY-E also helps to protect its own oil content against oxidation. Vitamin E helps to limit the oxidation of the fats in the oil when they are incorporated into muscle cell lipid (fat) membrane layers. these lipids (fats) are subjected to high oxidative stress as large amounts of oxygen pass through the cell membranes in an exercising greyhound. Another reason for adding a built-in source of vitamin E, is that oil facilitates the uptake of Vitamin E from the small intestine. Therefore, the oil in ENERGY-E assists in the uptake of its own natural Vitamin E content as well as the Vitamin E found in other feeds and supplements included in the ration.

ENERGY-E contains cold water fish oil which is already protected by added anti-oxidants during packing, Combined with the addition of the most potent form of vitamin E as natural source d-α-RRR Vitamin E, as it must be protected with at least 10IU of vitamin E per gram of fish oil to reduce the risk of oxidation during storage and in its role as an essential contributor of EPA and DHA within the muscles and other tissues.

Q    Is ENERGY-E a stabilised oil? Why is this important?
A    Yes! ENERGY-E is based on cold-pressed canola oil, a monounsaturated fat which helps ensure protection against oxidation and rancidity. Supplementing your greyhounds with damaged fats – which are usually the result of oxidation or high temperature processing, can result in a reduced palatability and digestion, leading to digestive upsets which can interfere with metabolic and liver function. Did you know that recycled cooking fat, such as dripping from a beef or lamb roast, or used vegetable oils from deep fryers, fried foods and barbeque plates given as a regular fat or oil source for a greyhound, can increase the risk of fatty liver as it is not metabolised efficiently due to changes in the fat structure as a result of high temperature cooking.

Q    ENERGY-E has a slightly fishy odour. Is this of benefit?
A    The acceptance of ENERGY-E is assured by the addition of cold water fish oil. As well as providing a palatable flavour, the cold water fish oil with its in-built antioxidants, is more stable in an oil formulation. This reduces the chance of oxidation and rancidity which would make the oil less palatable to greyhounds. The pleasant ‘fishy’ odour of ENERGY-E is ideal to tempt ‘fussy eaters’ and those who lack interest in their food, as it helps to encourage a healthy appetite.

Handy Hint: ENERGY-E is an ideal appetiser to add to dry food mix, or to a meal containing newly introduced powdered supplements, to help encourage a “suspicious eater” to consume the dry food or supplement.  ENERGY-E may also be given by an oral syringe, allowing the greyhound to lick the delectable flavouring of the fish oil from the nozzle as the plunger is slowly depressed.

Q How much ENERGY-E should be included in my greyhound’s meal?
A ENERGY-E can be included in a ration as a cool energy source, coat conditioner or omega oil supplement.

To provide a “cool” energy source, racing and hard working bitches (25-30kg) can be provided with 15-20mL (3⁄4-1 tablespoon) per day. Hard working and racing dogs (30-35kg) will normally accept 20-25mL (1-11⁄4 tablespoons) per day.

ENERGY-E supplemented at this daily rate is ideal to provide extra energy to offset the losses from panting in greyhounds which are kennelled and trained under hot conditions. This will help to reduce the sapping of energy away from limb muscles to assist cooling. Such a high energy drain could otherwise reduce performance in a panting greyhound kept or raced under hot conditions.

As a coat conditioner, it is recommended that ENERGY-E be provided at the above rates. When introducing ENERGY-E to a meal, it is important to allow the digestive system to adjust in order to efficiently digest and utilise the additional fat or oil. This can be achieved by increasing the amount of oil being fed by 5ml every 3-4 days, until the required dosage has been met. This step-wise increase in the qmount fed will help to avoid any digestive upsets and help ensure optimum digestibility of the ENERGY-E oil for energy.

Q What pack sizes is ENERGY-E available in?
A ENERGY-E is available in 500 mL, 2 Litre cans and 5 Litre cans with an in-built pouring spout.

Important Fact: ENERGY-E is packed in a specially lined metal can so as to avoid the chemical reaction which can occur when oil is packed in cheap plastic containers. It also maintains a light-free storage enviroment which prevents UV damage to the oil as can occur in clear plastic containers and bottles. The metal can is fully recyclable and is enviromentally safer as compared to plastic bottles or containers.

Once opening ENERGY-E, it is recommended to seal the cap and store the remaining oil in a refrigerator a +4-+8C. Do not shake ENERGY-E oil to mix it before use-it does not settle or seperate. Air bubbles can become suspended in the oil and slowly rise to the top, increasing the risk of oxidation.  The cold-pressed canola oil used in Energy-E naturally resists oxidation during storage.

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