QuikHeal by Kelato - 200g

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Kelato QuikHeal 200g - An aid in the elimination of Greasy Heel and Non-specific dermatitis / skin disorders in horses

QuikHeal - 200g


Greasy Heel is a fungal disorder of horses which occurs behind the pastern when they have been standing or walking on wet grass or mud for prolonged periods.

More common in horses with white legs, it can be seen as a red area which may result in cracking of the skin surface.

QuikHEAL ointment, containing ingredients including sulphur and copper sulphate, is an antifungal ointment for eliminating Greasy Heel fast. The lipid base means it is not only easy to apply but also works as a water barrier to help keep moisture away from the area.

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of QuikHEAL mean it is also excellent at helping to relieve general skin disorders such as mange, girth rash, nicks and cuts, rain scald, dermatitis, etc..

A light coating of QuikHEAL is applied to the affected area daily. Bandaging may speed results and under normal conditions Greasy Heel should clear within 4-7 days.

The active ingredients in QuikHEAL include Sulfur, Copper Sulphate and Tar Acids.

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