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Divetelact - Animal Milk Replacer

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Di-Vetelact is a low lactose animal milk replacer for ophaned and early weaned animal.  It is also a useful nutritional supplement for pregnant and lactating animals.

Di-Vetelact® OriginalDV is a delicious, premium, powdered milk replacer and nutritional supplement.  It is scientifically formulated with the optimum crude ratios of fatty acids, important amino acids and 13 high quality vitamins and 12 minerals. Providing premium nutrition for sustained growth, development and vitality of animals from infancy through to senior years.


  • Di-Vetelact® special low lactose dairy blend, dried vegetable oils (dried vegetable oils, glucose solids, lecithin and emulsifiers, mixed tocopherols), taurine.

  • Minerals: calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride, potassium, iron, zinc, iodine, manganese, copper, magnesium, selenium.

  • Vitamins: A, B1, B2, niacin, B6, folate, B12, C, D3, E, biotin, pantothenate, 

As a milk replacer Di-Vetelact® OriginalDV fulfils the vital nutritional requirements of newborn animals that have been rejected, orphaned or early weaned. It can also be fed to a litter as a supplement to mothers milk if supply is lacking. 

Di-Vetelact® OriginalDV is recommended as a supplement to ensure the best start and sustain the nutritional needs of your new pet while it grows. It contains complete, balanced nutrition for ongoing growth and development. And is also beneficial when transitioning your new pet from mum to home. Supplies calming, stabilising and nurturing nutrients beneficial for entering a new environment, travel, and training. It supports good health, and the development of a good temperament in your pet.

Recommended for show animals as a nutritional supplement, Di-Vetelact® OriginalDV supplies sulphur containing amino acids, cysteine and methionine, producing a glossy and luscious coat. It contains tryptophan and tyrosine to assist in calming and focus whilst performing.

For older animals, this supplement can be used either in powder or liquid form. It supports ageing animals with its protective antioxidants and amino acid protein building blocks . These ensure continued muscle development, repair and maintenance. Its’ anti-inflammatory properties also provide a continued supply of vital nutrients to promote health and wellbeing.

Packed with nutrients to maintain your pet's overall health and help them recover from illness. Contains all the essential amino acids necessary for tissue repair and healing when animals have been through an operation or illness. It provides added nutrition of vitamins and minerals for recuperation.

Feeding Guide

Dilution A:(foals, calves, kids, fawns)

1 scoop Di-Vetelact to 60mL warm water (for 1 Litre place 135g(15 scoops) to 900mL of warm water )  this delivers 2600kJ

Dilution B: (Lambs, native animals, rabbits, kittens, piglets & pups start on dilution 1 an gradually increase to Dilution B over a week)

1 scoop Di-Vetelact to 40mL warm water (for 1 Litre place 200g(22 scoops) to 850mL of warm water )  this delivers 4200kJ

Table should only be used as a guide
Weigh of Animal          100g   200g   500g     1kg    5kg    10kg    20kg    50kg    100kg 
Total Daily Volume  30ml    60ml    150ml    300ml   1L 1.6L 2.8L 5.4L 9L

   Recommended Feed per day for the first week of life  

Foals    Feed every 2-3 hours  
Lamb, Calves, Kids 2-3 feeds per day
Pups, Kittens, Fawns 4feeds per day
Piglets, 4 feeds per day
Furred Native Animals 4 feeds per day
Furless Native Animals     6 feeds per day

For animals in the first days of life add colostrum


Approximate Analysis      per 100g   

Dilution A

  1 Scoop to 60mL 
per Litre

Dilution B

  1 Scoop to 40mL  
Per Litre

Energy    kj   2100 2800 4200
Protein  g 24 30 48
Lactose (less Than)  g 2 3 4.5
Galactose  g 13 17 26
Glucose & Glucose Solids    g 22 30 45
total Fat  g 30 40 60
w- 6% of fat   13 13 13
w- 3% of fat   2.7 2.7 2.7
Calcium    mg   750 1000 1500
Phosphorus mg 520 700 1050
Sodium mg 185 250 375
Chloride mg 750 1000 1500
Potassium mg 670 900 1350
Iron mg 6.7 9. 13.5
Zinc mg 5.2 7 10
Iodine mg 100 140 210
Manganese mg 700 1000 1500
Copper mg 440 600 900
Magnesium mg 74 100 150
Selenium mg 14 20 30
Vitamin A mg 440 600 900
Vitamin B1 mg 07 1 1.5
Vitamin B2 mg 09 1.2 1.8
Vitamin B3 mg 8.1 11 16.5
Vitamin B6 mg 0.5 0.7 1.1
Folate mg 88 120 180
Vitamin B12 mg 2.2 3 4.5
Vitamin C mg 37 50 75
Vitamin D mg 5.2 7 10.5
Vitamin E mg 9.6 13 19.5
Biotin mg 10.4 14 21
Pantothenate mg 3 4 6
Vitamin K1 mg 44 60 90
Taurine mg 30 40 60
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