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Brookby Herbs - Sneeze Free, is a liquid extract of Chamomile, Yarrow, Horseradish, Vervain, Rosehips, Marshmallow, Mullein, Nettle and Kelp. Use in the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis

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Sneeze Free

Brookby Herbs

Sneeze Free is a blend of Herbal extracs in an Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Base.  Brookby Herbal Exctracts are Certified Organic. Sneeze Free is usefull in the treatment of Hayfever, environmental allergy reactions, helping to boost the immune system, repair the respiratory system and reliving the runny nose and sneezing. 

Sneeze Free contains the Following Herbal Extracts:

*   Chamomile

*   Yarrow

*   Horseradish

*   Vervain

*   Rosehips

*   Marshmallow

*   Mullein

*   Nettle

*   Kelp


Recommened dose for a standard sized horse is 10mL twice daily.


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