Sentinel Spectrum tasty chew

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Sentinel Spectrum comes in a delicious chew formulation that most dogs love. A treatment that dogs love No more tricks, traps or force feeding.

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Sentinel Very Small Dogs (Dogs 0-4kg) - 6 pack

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Sentinel® Spectrum Tasty Chews

3 & 6 Pack



Sentinel® Spectrum Tasty Chews are the most convenient way to protect against the most common and dangerous parasites. 

Monthly treatment with Sentinel Spectrum Tasty Chews provide all round protection:
  • Prevents fleas
  • Prevents heartworm
  • Kills and controls intestinal worms – tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm and whipworm

If your dog is protected, so is your family. Using Sentinel Spectrum Tasty Chews in your dog helps to shield your family from fleas and potentially dangerous intestinal worms – some of which can be harmful to human health.

Just give your dog one Sentinel Spectrum Tasty Chew each month with a full meal. Simple.
Dogs love our convenient tasty chew formulation. Research has shown that 97% will eat it straight from the hand.1

Best of all, Sentinel Spectrum Tasty Chews don't leave a sticky chemical residue on your dog's coat and swimming or bathing your dog will not affect product efficacy.

100% gurantee You have the additional reassurance that Sentinel Spectrum Tasty Chews are backed by Novartis Animal Health's 100% guarantee.

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1 Palatability/Acceptability Trial of 3 Way and 2 Way Chewable Formulations in Dogs NAH-02-0054. Data on file. Novartis Animal Health AG 2004.

SENTINEL SPECTRUM (milbemycin oxime, praziquantel, lufenuron).

ADVOCATE® and ADVANTAGE® are registered trademarks of Bayer Corp. REVOLUTION® is a registered trademark of Pfizer. FRONTLINE® PLUS is a registered trademark of Merial.

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