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Vitamin E, Selenium and Magnesium Supplement for Performance Horses

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PRESERVE is a scientifically formulated supplementary source of vitamin E, selenium, vitamin C and magnesium.

PRESERVE may aid in the nutritional support of normal muscle function. Muscle damage is a constant risk in working horses, leading to reduced performance or inability to work.

PRESERVE contains the combination of antioxidants and essential nutrients which work synergistically to maintain normal muscle function.

PRESERVE may aid in the reduction of stiffness and soreness, during and after work which may ordinarily hamper performance and recovery.

PRESERVE supports muscle recovery after work, reducing downtime between performances. PRESERVE also contains additional selenium and magnesium, which are important for horses on selenium-deficient pastures.


  • As a vitamin E and selenium supplement

Dosage: The following amounts may be fed daily in a damp feed, mix well:

30 g per day for maintenance

twice (60 g) per day after very strenuous exercise

These recommendations are for horses with a mature body weight of 1100 lb (500kg).

Please adjust according to the weight of your horse.

1 Scoop = 30 g


Nutrient          Concentration          Per 30 g
Magnesium             10%              3000 mg
Selenium             67 mg/kg               2 mg
Vitamin C          25,000 mg/kg        750 mg
Vitamin E           50,000 IU/kg      1,500 IU

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