PAW Wellness + Vitality Chew 300g

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PAW Wellness + Vitalitys Chew 300g

PAW Wellness + Vitality Chews 300g


 PAW Wellness + Vitality Chews - Every pet owner wants to ensure that their pet is happy and healthy. Supporting their nutrition is an important part of this equation.

When to recommend?

• All Dogs to maintain general health, vitality and wellbeing.

• For dogs which are not their usual self and lack the usual energy and vitality.

• For dogs that may be deficient in key vitamins.

Feature & Benefits:

• Highly palatable, low fat 5g kangaroo chews

• Alkalising ingredients and super foods including Spirulina, Organic

Kale, to maintain wellness and vitality

• Magnesium to support strong bones and teeths

• Antioxidants like Blueberries to maintain a healthy immune system

• Vitamins and minerals to maintain everyday health

Product Format:

Highly palatable 5g kangaroo chews – easy to give to a dog (beneficial treat)


Available in a 300g tub (approx 60 x 5g chews).



Dog Weight       Daily Dose   
0 - 4kg 1/2 Chew
5 - 14kg 1 chew
15 - 29kg 2 chew
30+kg 3 chew
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