Johnsons Livestock Conditioner- 20kg

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Johnsons Livestock Conditioner- 20kg

  • Suitable for ruminants
  • Antibiotic free

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Johnsons Livestock Conditioner- 20kg

The Jonhsons Live stock Conditioner pellet is a safe balanced feed specifically formulated for the maintenance feeding of ruminant livestock including cattle, sheep and goats. It is a complete feed with inbuilt roughage to stimulate rumination and reduce the risk of acidosis.

The Benefits of a Hay / Grain Based Pellets

  • Hay Fibre Stimulates Ruminatio abd reduces the risk of acidosis
  • Do not require additional access to hay or straw once accustomed to pellets
  • Pellets re formulated with macro and micro minerals and vitamins
  • Reduced wastege
  • Can be used for all ruminant animals including sheep, cattle, alpacas and goats

Typical Analysis

Energy 10MKJ/kg
Crude Protein 12%
Equivalent Crude Protein 2.57%
Urea 1%
Crude Fibre 25%
Salt (max) 0.05%

Ingredient Selection

Barley, wheat, legumes, soyabean meal, almond hulls, oat meal, cereal hay, ceral straw, legume hay, legume straw, molasses, vegatable oil, vitamin and minerals.

Directions for use

  • Feed to the nutritional requirements of livestock - consumption will vary with available paddock feed and body weight of animal
  • Typical feeding rate are between 1.5%  - 3% or mature body weight.

Pellet Presentation - 6-9mm diameter


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