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Kohnke's Own Cell-E Premium contains organic amino acid chelated selenium in selenium yeast for improved uptake:

  • for optimum muscle function in all racing, eventing and performance horses on diets low or inadequate in Vitamin E and selenium
  • improved fertility in brood mares on diets low or inadequate in Vitamin E and selenium.

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Cell-E Premium

Kohnke's Own

Kohnke's Own Cell-E PREMIUM formulation features, two forms of Vitamin E (high potency natural and stable synthetic Vitamin E) for functional utilisation,Organic (chelated) selenium yeast for optimum uptake uptake utilisation of selenium and Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Cell-E Premium contains anti-oxidant nutrients that are commonly low or inadequate in feed to meet the needs of exercising horses.  Nutrients that are deficient in soils or last during the harvesting, curing, processing or storage of feed, such as Vitamin A , E and Selenium and supplemented with Cell-E premium.

Common grain and hay based diets are low or inadequate in Vitamin E and/or Selenium. Cell-E Premium features:

  • organic and sythetic Vitamin E for maximum utilisation
  • Organic Chelated selenium for better uptake and utilisation. This also reduces the risk of selenium toxicity associated with inorganic selenium such as selenites and selenates,
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin C and organic Magnesium, which are important co-factors
  • High protein whey isolate is used for it's own antioxidant properties as well as it's synergistic relationship with selenium. In addition it provides a sticky medium making it difficult for horses to sift out
  • Flavoured with natural carrot powder to improve palatability

Directions for Use:

Mix the measured amount to the top layer of the morning feed. The Carrot powder aids in palatability. DO NOT mix into the same feed as a liquid Iron Supplement

Dosage: (for and average horse 400-600kg)

Routine Supplementation

For race horses and horses in competing in Advanced Equestrian - 1 scoop daily

For all horses with Exertional Rhadbdomyolysis (tying up, setfast), including PSSM horses - 1 scoop daily

Pre-race / Competition Supplement

1 scoop morning and evening for 7 days prior to event

Post event supplementation

1 scoop morning and evening for 2-3 days prior to event

Dosage  ( Ponies - 225 - 300kg)

Moderate work - 1/2 scoop daily

Heavy work or Fertility - 2/3 scoop daily

Pack Sizes: 1.2kg (80x15g doses)

3.0kg (200x15g doses)

6.0kg (400x15g doses)

Handy Hint: Cell-E PREMIUM has a sticky whey powder base to ensure it adheres to the feed to avoid sift out and dust – a common problem with many other powdered vitamin E supplements. It is an ideal pre-race and competition supplement to give for 2-3 days prior to fast or strenuous exercise for racing, eventing, and endurance competition where diets are often low or inadequate in vitamin E or selenium.

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