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Brookby Herbs - Steady Mare, is a liquid extract of Chastetree Berry, Chamomile, Vervain, Rosehips and Kelp. Used to help to rebalance hormones and regulate moody mare behaviour.

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Steady Mare

Brookby Herbs

Steady mare is a blend of Herbal extracts in an Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Base.  Brookby Herbal Extracts are Certified Organic.  Steady mare is a fast acting relaxant and calmer ideal for moody mares that suffer from pre-menstrual type symptoms.   Steady Mare helps to rebalance hormones and regulate seasonal mood swings, calming aggressive mare-like behaviour

Steady Mare contains the Following Herbal Extracts:

*   Chastetree Berry

*   Chamomile

*   Vervain

*   Rosehips

*   Kelp


Recommended dose for a standard sized horse is 10mL twice daily, or 30 minutes before stress inducing event.

If you are competing it is advisable to have a 24hr withholding period

*   Hawthorn - Strengthens the blood capillaries and especially good for the heart

*   Rosehips -  High in Vitamin C, a water soluble anti-oxidant

*   Kelp - high in trace minerals


Recommended dose for a standard sized horse is 10mL twice daily.



I bought the steady mare herbs and we are on day 7. Yesterday I went to lunge my mare & she did quite well, usually she gets agitated walking past the pigs on the property.  I didn't even realise she was in season till we got back to her paddock and the physical signs presented. Yay that is a huge difference,  usually she's heaving breathing ball of anxiety. :-) happy days - Catherine


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