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Shield insecticide pour on for horses

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Shield (previously known as SWIFT)


Shield is a ready-to-use insecticidal pour-on for horses which aids in the control of synthetic pyrethroid susceptible nuisance flies, biting insects and Queensland Itch on horses.  The pour-on action is easy to use and lasts longer that sprays.  Treatment for nuisance flies should be applied every 6 weeks or as required depending on insect pressure.

For the control of Queensland Itch, treatment should start at the beginning of the season by applying once weekly (or more frequently as required).

Shield controls the following biting insects:

    * Domestic & Bush Flies
    * Stable Fly
    * Biting Midges
    * Buffalo Fly
    * Mosquitoes

Shield may be influenced by rain and activities such as rugging, brushing or washing. For best results allow 12-24 hours for Shieldto dry before exposing your horse to these activities.

Directions for Use:

Dose per Bodyweight:

   Body Weight       mL  
   < 100kg 10
   100kg - 200kg    20
   200kg - 300kg 30
   > 300kg 40

Apply the measured dose along the backline, ensuring that the mane & rump are treated.  Take care to avoid eye contact.  Apply Shield during the cooler part of the day, preferably in the shade.  Skin reactions may occur if Shield is applied during hot weather.

Assess the sensitivity of a horse's skin to Shield by appling a small stripe of Shield (10 - 15cm long) at the base of the horses's neck and observe the area for 3 days.  If no reaction occurs, it is safe to apply Shield at the recommended dose rate.

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