Robart Dressage Weymouth - 5.25"

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Robart Dressage Weymouth - 5.25"

Robart Dressage Weymouth


The Robart Dressage Weymouth is a Stainless Steel Bit. It is a fixed cheek weymouth (curb) bit with a thick hollow mouthpiece to spread pressure on the tongue. This model has a slightly higher port than the Robart Fixed Cheek Weymouth , allowing more room and giving less tongue pressure. Curb chain and rubber covered hooks (for better security) are included.

This Pinchless model features an internal bushing on either side of the joint which rotate independently and prevent pinching of the horse's tongue & cheeks or bruising to the palate . 

Cob Size (5 1/4"/13cm)

Mouth Thickness 22mm 

Cheek Length 125mm 

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