Puppy and Kitten Worm Syrup 50mL

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Aristopet Puppy and Kitten Worming Syrup - treatment against Round Worm

Puppy and Kitten Worm Syrup 50mL


Aritopet puppy and kitten worm syrup safe and effective against round worms

There are two species of roundworms affecting dogs and puppies: Toxocara canis and Toxascaris leonina. Both are treated with the same medication protocol so when eggs are seen on a fecal flotation exam it may not be necessary to determine which species is present. T. leonina can infect both dogs and cats so identifying this roundworm might be helpful in indicating which pets in the household are at risk for further contagion. 

In dogs, there are four ways by which infection with Toxocara canis occurs:

    * Consuming infective worm eggs from soil in the environment (generally through normal grooming).
    * Nursing from an infected mother dog.
    * Consuming a prey animal (usually rodent) that is carrying developing worms.
    * During embryonic development when an infected mother dog is pregnant (most puppies are infected this way).

Roundworms can make young animals very ill, damaging not only their intestines, but also their lungs, so treating them is very important to keep young pets happy and healthy. Aristopet Puppy and Kitten Worm Syrup is highly effective against roundworms (Toxocara canis) in dogs, and (Toxascaris leonina and Toxocara cati) in cats, yet safe and gentle enough for puppies and kittens

Puppy and Kitten Worm Syrup is very easy to use - just a few drops of the palatable liquid into the mouth or mixed with food and you are done! The bottle contains sufficient medication for multiple treatments, making Puppy and Kitten Worm Syrup a great choice to treat a litter of puppies or kittens. This medication may also be safely used in dogs and cats of all ages.

Note: this medication is not effective against other intestinal parasites such as hookworms, whipworms or tapeworms, nor is it a heartworm preventative.

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