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Brookby Herbs - Performance Plus, is a liquid extract of Hops, Yarrow, Hawthorn Berry, Dandelion, Nettle, Rosehips and Kelp. Used to help horses with inflamation and pain where Bute may otherwise be used.

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Performance Plus Equine - 500mL

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Performance Plus

Brookby Herbs

Performance Plus is a blend of Herbal extracs in an Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Base.  Brookby Herbal Exctracts are Certified Organic.  Performance Plus focus on the effectiveness of the heart, lungs and kindneys to ensure effective circulation and improve the recovery rate of the entire body.

ThePerformance Plus contains the Following Herbal Extracts:

*   Hops 

*   Yarrow

*   Dandelion

*   Nettle

*   Hawthorn

*   Rosehips

*   Kelp


Recommened dose for a standard sized horse is 10mL twice daily.

May be safely used long term.

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