PAW Nutriderm Replenishing Conditioner 200mL

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PAW NutriDerm® Replenishing Conditioner is an innovative, advanced way to moisturise, nourish and nurture your dog’s skin as well as leaving the coat silky smooth and fresh.

Containing Cerasine® skin nutrient complex this product is suitable for dogs and cats with normal, dry and itchy skin.

PAW Nutriderm Replenishing Conditioner 200mL


PAW NutriDerm Replenishing Conditioner intensively nourishes, moisturizes and replenishes the skin and provides a soft, manageable coat. It is formulated using:

√The immediate soothing effects of colloidal oatmeal
√Cerasine®, a skin nutrient complex consisting of ceramides, phytosphingosine and essential fatty acid nutrients to nourish and replenish the hydrolipic film for optimal skin hydration and maintenance of the epidermal barrier
√pawDerm technology combining moisturizing nutrients and smoothing detanglers to maintain skin health

For optimal performance NutriDerm Replenishing Conditioner should be used in conjunction with the NutriDerm® Replenishing Shampoo.

In a healthy skin, key nutrients such as ceramides and essential fatty acids that are naturally present in the outer layer of an animal’s skin, provide the building blocks that help to keep their skin hydrated and healthy.

In some dogs and cats, particularly those with dry or itchy skin, these nutrients can be depleted. There are many factors that can cause this including;

    Harsh chemicals and irritants found in some shampoos and conditioners
    Environment (wind, humidity and sun light)
    Injury or physical trauma
    Genetic disposition

Without these key nutrients, the skin's barrier can be broken down, which in turn affects its ability to protect against allergens and irritants in the environment, drying the skin out further and making your cat or dog itchy and uncomfortable.

The NutriDerm® Replenishing Range, including the NutriDerm Replenishing Conditioner with Cerasine® skin nutrient complex is an innovative way to nourish and moisturise the skin to maintain skin health.

All PAW products are formulated free from sulphate cleansers, paraben preservatives, silicones, phthalates, petrochemical cleansers and artificial colours & fragrances.
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