Paw Manuka Wound Gel

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Paw Manuka Wound Gel

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Dermatopic Wound & Ear Cleanser

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Dermatopic Wound and Ear Cleaner aids in the removal of dead or dying tissue (necrotic tissue), coagulum and debris from wounds, cuts and abrasions in horses, dogs and cats.  In conjunction  with the skin cleansing actions of the active ingredients promotes the regeneration of healthy tissue.

Dermatopic Wound and Ear Cleanser is also recommended for the removal of accumulated ear wax depositis and for use as an adjunct in the treatment of Otis Externa.

Active Ingredients:

Malic Acid 22.5mg - Reduces pH and inhibits the growth of some bacteria and yeasts.

Benzoic Acid 1.5mg - Reduces pH and has anti-fungal properties as well as inhibiting the growth of some bacteria and yeasts

Salicylic Acid 0.37mg - Anti-fungal properties and assists in removing of dead skin cells and thus preventing pores from clogging up

Directions for Use:


Before beginning treatment with Dermatopic Wound and Ear Cleanser, always ensure there are no foreign bodies (eg grass seeds) in the ear canal.

Routine Ear Cleaning

Gently squirt Dermatopic Wound and Ear Cleanser liberally into the ear canal and massage into the base of the ear to loosen any wax deposits.

Allow the animal to shake their head.  This will disperse excess solutin and help to dislodge built up wax.  Wipe the ear out with cotton wool and repeat as often as required.

Otitis Externa

Follow the instruction as for routine ear cleaning, repeating the procedure 3 time daily.  This should be done inconjunction with other Aural medications as prescribed by your VET.

Wound care

Liberally apply Dermatopic Wound and Ear Cleanser to clean the wound and surrounding skin.  Repeat the application 2-3 times daily or a sdirected by your VET. 


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