Oakwood Leather Oil 500mL

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Oakwood Leather Oil 500mL

Oakwood Leather Oil 500mL


Oakwood Leather Oil is specifically formulated for use on saddles, bridles, harness gear, belts and other tack accessories. This product will oil and protect new leather and soften, restore and nourish old leather.

Helps prevent drying and cracking by keeping leather soft and pliable. Contains high quality oils including the natural benefit of neatsfoot oil and lanolin.

  • Oils and protects.
  • Conditions and restores.
  • Keeps leather soft and pliable.
  • Easy and quick to apply.

Directions Of Use:
Test in a non conspicuous area before use. Spray oil directly and evenly to leather article. Wipe oil evenly over surface with a clean, soft cloth. Allow oil standing time to penetrate before buffing off excess with a clean, soft cloth.

Not for suede or nubuck leathers.

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