New Stabilize 500mL

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James Hart Equiceuticals New Stabilize.

  • for when everyday life is stressful

New Stabilize - 500mL

James Hart Equine

For when everyday life is stressful

New Stabilize is an easily absorbed liquid formulation to assit horses that are over anxious or excitable in high stress situations.  New stabilize may be useful when fractios hourses are being introduced to new surrounding where strange objects may cause alarm

  • Valerian free
  • Contains no known banned substances (it always best practice to check with your sports governing body)

This is a redesign of an old favourite. It is often slower acting than Valerian so 2 or 3 doses may need to be given before a stressful event.

Its main use will be in competition where (Valerian of course can not be used in competition as it will give a positive test.)

Competition Calm contains 1:2 liquid extracts of Zizyphus and Wild Lettuce (equivalent to 500mg/ml dry herb).

Suggested Dose
Horses 10 -20 mL twice daily
Ponies 5-10 mL twice daily

Product is not suggested for pregnant mares.

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