Nerve Control - 1 Equine

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Nerve Control - Vitamin, mineral and amino acid support for the nervous and anxious horse.

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Nerve Control

 1 Equine

1 Equine Nerve control is a Vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement to developed to hep support nervous, highly strung or anxious horses.

1 Equine knows that  horses can become nervous and anxious for a wide variety of reason, including new training regimes, travel, exercise stress, or just new surrondings .  Nerve Control will help your horse become more tolerant of those trigger factors through assisting horses maintain focus during training and competition.

1 Equine is a palatable powder that may be used at the first sign of stress or as a preventative when a know stressor is scheduled to occur.

Dosage is 40 grams for and average horse per day(a scoop is 30g). 

This may be give all in one feed or divided between a morning and night feed. 

Package Size No. of Dosages
1.2kg 30 Dosages
3kg 75 Dosages
10kg 250 Dosages
15kg 375 Dosages

1.2kg is 30 doses.

3kg is 75 doses.

10kg is 250 doses.

15kg is 375 doses.

1 Equine Nerve Control contains: 
per 50 grams
Vitamin E 500mg
Vitamin B1 1500mg
Vitamin B2 350mg
Vitamin B6 130mg
Magnesium 12mg
Seleniium 1mg
Yeast 5000mg
Glutamine 1400mg
Marine Micro Algae 140mg


Nerve Control may also be administered short term for pre-event nerves.  If your horse suffers from pre-event nerves, supplement with double the dose of Nerve Control for 48 hours prior tot he event


1 Equine Nerve Control is non-swabable.



Store in a cool dry place below 25 degrees Celsius. o. Replace lid firmly after use. Do not exceed the stated dose. Keep away from direct sunlight. 

For animal treatment only.

To supplement diets where levels may be low.


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