Magnetic Pet Bed Cover

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Dick Wicks Magnetic Pet Bed Covers Drug Free Pain Relief while your pet sleeps. Sizes XSM SML-MED LRG-XLG.

Dick Wicks Magnetic Pet Bed Covers

Dick Wicks



Treat your pet to the new vet-designed and developed Magnetic Woollen pet bed. The bed has been ergonomically designed for pets that suffer from pain and discomfort. The flat design makes it easy for your pet to get in and out of, unlike more raised beds commonly sold in pet stores. 



  • High powered Dick Wicks magnets offering drug free magnetic therapy.
  • 900-1000 gauss strength per magnet.
  • Works while your pet sleeps.
  • 100% Pure Australian wool keeps your pet warm in winter & cool in summer.
  • Flat design facilitates getting on or off the bed with ease.
  • Generous width allow pets to stretch out.
  • Machine-washable cover.
  • Heavy-duty polyester fabric cover to wear well and resist fraying.
  • Promotes a restful night's sleep for pets in pain or discomfort.



Number of Magnets :


  • XSM contains 20 Magnets. Max Gauss 20,000
  • SML-MED contains 40 Magnets. Max Gauss 40,000
  • LGE-XLG contains 80 Magnets. Max Gauss 80,000 



Bed Dimensions :

XSM               44cm x 60cm  (Cats and dogs of small or toy breeds)
SML-MED       88cm x 60cm  (Medium Build dogs e.g. Spaniels and Staffies)
LRG-XLG       121cm x 85cm  (Large Build dogs e.g. Labradore and bigger)

Ergonomically designed for pets that suffer from pain and discomfort.  Flat Design makes it easy for you pets to get in and out of.

100% Pure Australian Wool cover keeps your pet warm in winter and cool in summer. 
Fully Machine washable

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