Magictails Rapid Dry 750ml

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Magictails Rapid Dry

Magictails Rapid Dry


Magictails Rapid Dry enhances drying time

Magictails Rapid Dry is a scientifically formulated grooming aid designed to reduce drying time of the coat.

Magictails Rapid Dry is a fast drying mist with the following benefits:

  • Reduced clumping of fur
  • leave in conditioning for the coat
  • faster drying time
  • Less Stress on Pets
  • Increased efficiency through lowering grooming time

Magictails Rapid Dry is also great to use at home when preparing for shows during the winter months when we aim to dry our animals as quickly as possible to avoid the winter chills

Directions for use:

Wash as normal and then remove excess water from coat.

Spry with magictails Rapid Dry and blow dry or towel dry as normal.


DO NOT spray around mouth or eyes or in the ears

DO NOT use on broken or inflamed skin


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