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When combined with a low GI diet, TRIM provides nutritional support to assist sugar and fat metabolism to help strip off "cresty neck" and abnormal fat deposits in 2-3 weeks. and helps maintain an active laminitis free lifestyle.

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Kohnke's Own

Trim is formulated to provide a range of nutrients which have a role on normal metabolic functions.  These nutrients have been selected to correct low or inadequate levels common in the diets of horses restricted to low GI or low calorie rations to assist in weight loss, especially when hay is soaked to remove soluble sugars and non-structural carbohydrates, which also leaches out many water soluble nutrients.

Magnesium has a role in maintaining normal metabolism and is often inadequate in low gi diets

Chromium, included only in an organic "chelated" form, has a role in the regulation of glucose metabolism.

Choline and Manganese have a role in the metabolism of fats.

Other vitamins have a role in general metabolism for optimal health and vitality

Directions for use:

Mix the appropriate portion of TRIM wel into the feed.

Trim is recommended where calorie controlled diets are provided, including restricted grazing and feeding soaked hay to reduce sugar and non-structural carbohyrate intake to limit body weight in 'cresty' or overweight horses and ponies.

Other feeds suitable for weight reduction, which can help restore normal glucose metabolism, as they have low GI content of low level of soluble sugars and non-structural carbohyrdrates include sugar beet fibre, soyabeen and lupin hulls, as well as supplements of limited amounts of fat or vegetable oils.

Restricting pasture intack and feeding soaked hay should form the basis of a calorie controlled diet.  Hay is best soaked for 60 minutes in twice its volume of luke warm water to leach out soluble sugars and limit energy intake, and then dried prior to feeding.  At least half the hay by weight should be fed as soaked lucerne hay to provide calcium and protein.  If lucerne hay is not provided the a low GI protein supplement suck as full fat soyabean meal, cracked lupins, canola meal or copra meal should be included in the ration.  Additional calcium can be provided by adding Kohnke's Own Cell- Osteo as recommended, or DCP.

Individualised ration guideline can be assesed for you if desired.


Providing at least 30 mintues of exercise at the walk and trot each day is also and inportant adjunct to assist weight reduction.


1 Level Scoop of Trim delivers a 20g dose.

   Horse Weight      Dosage required  
   550 - 650kg 25g
   450 - 550kg 20g
   350 - 450kg 15g
   120 - 150kg 10g

The Daily supplement rate is based on the body weight of the horse at the start of an energy / calorie controlled diet.  The Daily rate can be reduced to half daily rates once the optimum body weight is reached to help maintain a trim condition.

Soaking hay leaches out other soluble trace minerals and salts.

Daily supplementation of trace minerals and other vitamins, such as Hohnke's Own Cell-Vital, Cell-Provide or Aussie Sport and Kohnke's Own Cell Salts is recommended to correct low or inadequate levels in the diet, especially when soaked hay is the roughage base of the calorie controlled ration.

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