Koff 500mL

James Hart



  • Helps stubborn coughs.

A blend of soothing herbs to help those persistent annoying coughs. It helps to sooth and support the tissues of the respiratory system.

Koff can be can be used on horses and ponies of all ages, during exercise, recuperation and through their retirement.

Koff contains 1:2 liquid extracts of Aniseed,Licorice, White Horehound, Thyme and Elecampane (equivalent to500mg/ml dry herb).

Suggested Dose
Horses 10 - 20 mL twice daily
Ponies 5 - 10 mL twice daily


It is generally safe to give a higher ration (up to twice the above) if necessary.

Koff does not contain any ingredients recognized to contravene the rules regarding prohibited substances.

Under normal circumstances no adverse effects should be experienced.

Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
Keep out of reach of children.

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