Insect Control Ripstop Horse Fly Mask with Nose - Wild Horse

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The Wild Horse Insect Control Ripstop Fly Mask with nose flap and eye guards

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Insect Control Ripstop Horse Fly Mask with Nose Flap

Wild Horse Australia

The Wild Horse Insect Control Rip Stop Fly Mask a cleaver nose flap that tapered around the nostril, has 70% better visibility through the new nylon eye mesh, elasticised around the jaw for extra comfort and can connect to the Wild Horse Combo Range.

Features of the Insect Repellent Range Include:

  • A wide range of Insect Repellent Rug styles, so you can choose the perfect combination for your horse
  • Elastic/Velcro attachments under the chin to allow for movement of the jaw, which is far more comfortable for your horse and alleviates restriction
  • Better fitting options at the chest to allow for more adjustment and to help prevent creep back, which leaves exposed buckles against your horse’s skin
  • Safety elastic on all Poll straps
  • Quality webbing and heavy duty buckles
  • Extended chest lining protection to alleviate rubbing
  • Lining inside the shoulder dart to help prevent lower shoulder irritation
  • O-Rings on belly straps, for added security
  • Extra deep and long lined tail skirts, which protect sensitive areas around the dock and top of the tail
  • Made for Australian horses and climates

What is Insect Shield?

Our rugs are treated with Insect Shield® Repellent Technology - a patent-pending insect repellent that lasts up to 25 detergent washes

The repellency is Permethrin - a man-made version of a natural insect repellent found in certain types of chrysanthemum plants
Horse Insect Repellent Australia

Insect Shield® through a specialised process, is very tightly bonded to the fabric fibres, resulting in effective protection that lasts the expected lifetime of the product
Horse Insect Repellent Australia

Insect Shield® has been extensively tested and proven highly successful for its effectiveness in repelling a variety of disease carrying insects
Horse Insect Repellent Australia

Insect Shield® technology is Odourless and Colourless, unlike other products which can affect your horses sensitive sense of smell
Horse Insect Repellent Australia
EPA registered
Horse Insect Repellent Australia
It is the same repellent technology used in field clothing for the Military Forces to repel insects
Horse Insect Repellent Australia
A great alternative to other temporary insect repellent products that are sprayed directly on the skin, last for only a matter of hours, wash off with sweat or water and which also have the potential for overuse
Horse Insect Repellent Australia Insect Shield has the benefit of being near your horse’s skin, instead of on it.
Horse Insect Repellent Australia It is appropriate for horses of all ages
Horse Insect Repellent Australia Insects are NOT repelled by normal horse rugs
Horse Insect Repellent Australia Can save you time and money on direct contact sprays


As we know our Horses have a very important highly developed sense of smell. Attempts have been made to assess how many times greater the horse's sense of smell is than our own, with estimates ranging up to hundreds of thousands.

They use their ability to distinguish different odours in their everyday lives. Horses use smell to identify other horses, to locate substances which are edible, for protection, a mare uses smell to pick out her foal from others in a group, they also use smell to distinguish between fresh and spoiled feed.

We as responsible horse owners must be aware of interfering with this particularly sense. Insect Shield is ODOURLESS.

See extensive testing results here:
Insect Shield® Technology Research.

The effective insect repellent (Permethrin) that Insect Shield® use in their process patented technology, disrupts the neurological system of BITING & BLOOD SUCKING INSECTS, so they are unable to bite & feed. It does not always interfere with non-biting or non-blood sucking insects.

Scientific reasoning for this is speculative, as no research has been done on harmless, non-biting insects. Tests have only been carried out on BITING & BLOOD SUCKING INSECTS.

These include horseflies, biting flies, sandflies, mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. The insects that pose the greatest potential risk and discomfort to your horse.

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