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Hygain Fibressential




HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® is a revolutionary fibre source suitable for all equines. The guaranteed uniform nutritional values make HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® your first choice for fibre. Based on super fibres providing an enhanced level of digestibility, HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL®‘s feeding rates can be reduced by a third in volume when compared to chaff. HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® also features reduced sugar levels and a balanced Calcium to Phosphorous ratio.

 HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® is easy to feed and will provide superior conditioning whilst significantly reducing the dust and inconsistency often associated with traditional forms of chaff.

FIBRESSENTIAL®is a blend of the following ingredients:

Beet pulp, Lupin hulls, Soya bean hulls and Calcium Carbonate.

Product Features


High Fibre, Low starch

...for horses proned to metabolic related issues


Low-Gi Formula

...for horses proned to cushings & insulin resistance


Slow Release Energy

...cool conditioning feed


Fully fortified with vitamins & minerals

...to function at their optimum


HYGAIN® RBO® Equine Performance Oil

...for topline and muscle building


Biotin Enriched

...for hoof and coat conditioning


Laminitis Trust Approval

...to maintain your horses health

Analysis as fed

Digestible Energy/DE....

Min Crude Protein........

Max Crude Fat.............

Min Crude Fibre...........

10.25 MJ/kg

10 %

2 %

35 %

Max Starch.................

Max Added Salt..........
Min Calcium................
Min Phosphorous.........

14 %

1.25 %
1.0 %
0.4 %


 Super Fibres 

Traditional fibre sources (insoluble) are poorly utilised, which often means that horse owners are required to feed more starches and sugars (grain) in order to meet energy requirements. Super Fibres, also known as soluble fibres provide greater feed efficiency and a reduced dependence on grain concentrates to maintain condition. Super fibres provide digestible energy ranging between that of good quality hay and grains, offering an alternative energy source with less sugar (fizz).

Starch Safe

HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® may also be used to replace part of the grain/premix feed in the diet, lowering starch intake whilst retaining the digestible energy level.

Balanced Calcium to Phosphorous ratio 

HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® provides calcium and phosphorus in a balanced ratio supporting the maintenance of healthy bones


HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® nuggets are processed in a manner that greatly reduces the dust and fines that are often present in traditional fibre sources, providing an ideal fibre source for horses with respiratory problems and dust-allergies.

 Consistent nutritional values

Nutritional values of chaff can vary greatly according to the season. Like all HYGAIN® products, HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® provides consistent nutrient values all year round. 

 Feed dry or wet

The extruded nugget can be soaked in water, resulting in a mash that provides an adequate fibre substitute for dentally challenged equines.


HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® can be fed as a complete chaff and partial hay replacer, encouraging natural foraging behaviour. The use of chaff is not required. 

Fed as a supplemental fibre source when fed with premixed feeds and hayHYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® can be fed as an addition to your horse’s premixed feed/grains and roughage. HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® can also be used as a top dressing to encourage intake of less palatable feeds. 

Fed as a supplemental fibre source when fed with hayHYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® can be fed on its own (principal ingredient) at increased levels alongside roughage and a mineral and vitamin supplement such as HYGAIN® BALANCED® or HYGAIN® SPORTHORSE® ensuring a fully balanced diet.   

How much do I feed?

Feeding amount may be influenced by age, breed, appetite, exercise, desired body condition, pasture/hay quality and availability.  


HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® is approximately three times the density of hay based chaff, as such you can feed approximately a third of the volume that you currently feed of chaff. (e.g. For every dipper of chaff fed, replace with 1/3 of a dipper of HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL®) 


HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® can be soaked to provide a high fibre mash for horses with poor dentition. Add water (warm or cold) to a similar volume of HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® and wait 10 minutes before feeding. (e.g. Add half a dipper of water to half a dipper of FIBRESSENTIAL®.)  

Top 8 most frequently asked questions

Q: Is Fibressential a 'chaff replacer'?  Can I replace my chaff (Lucerne and wheaten) with Fibressential?
A: Yes it is. Fibressential has a similar fibre content to chaff including several benefits such as consistent nutritional values, enhanced digestibility and less dust. Q: If so would it really be sufficient to feed Fibressential at a ratio of a third of the amount of chaff I usually feed? A: By volume yes, by weight no. If you currently feed 3 dippers of chaff that approximately weigh 900g, you would replace that with one dipper of Fibressential weighing 900g. 

Q: Do I need to supplement my horse with hay when I feed Fibressential? 
A: Fibressential can be utilized as a partial hay replacer. However, we recommend that horses still have access to good quality long stem fibre such as hay. 

Q: Which type of horses does Fibressential suit? 
A: Fibressential is suitable for horses currently being fed chaff or where a high fibre diet is required. 

Q: Do we mix Fibressential with other fortified feeds or feed alone? 
A: You can mix Fibressential with any fortified feed, just like you do with chaff. If used as the primary feed Fibressential should be fed in conjunction with a mineral and vitamin supplement such as Hygain Balanced or Hygain Sporthorse to meet daily nutrient requirements. 

Q: How does Fibressential compare to Micrbeet? When would I feed Micrbeet and when Fibressential? 
A: Both Micrbeet and Fibressential are soluble fibre sources with the primary difference being that Micrbeet is lower in sugar and requires soaking and Fibressential is higher in fibre, provides slightly more energy and can be fed dry or wet. Even though both feeds have reduced sugar levels, we recommend to use Hygain Micrbeet or Hygain Zero for horses suffering from laminitis or similar metabolic issues.

Q: My horse suffers from a respiratory disease. Is Fibressential® a suitable fibre source?
A: Yes, the Fiberssential nuggets are processed in a manner that greatly reduces the dust and fines often present in traditional fibre sources, providing an ideal fibre source for horses with respiratory problems or dust-allergies. 

Q. Is Fibressential® suitable for horses with stomach ulcers?
A: Fibressential® has a similar Calcium content to Lucerne that may help buffer the stomach acid and assist horses with stomach ulcers. FIBRESSENTIAL® does not only have fortified Calcium and Phosphorous levels, but is also high in soluble fibre (35% crude fibre). 

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