Farriers Choice Hoof Grease 450g

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Jospeh Lyddy - Farriers Choice hoof grease is a medicated hoof grease, containing natural vegatable oils combined with other natural wax ingredients , fungicides and bactericides. Moisturises and lubricates the hoof. Helps hooves retain moisture. Use as a daily dressing to keep hooves supple and resilient

Hoof Grease

Joseph Lyddy


Joseph Lyddy Medicated hoof-dressing grease. An aid in the treatment of dry, brittle, cracked and shelly hooves.

Hoof Grease helps protects against cracking of the wall, sole or frog of the hoof and will not seal or clog the pores. Softens, heals and stimulates normal hoof growth. Pleasant smelling formulation that has built in insect repellent. Can be easily applied in all climates with applicator bristle brush

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