Herbal Compound 100 Capsules

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Greenpet Herbal Compound capsules contain 100% pure herbs.

Suitable for cats, dogs, sheep & goats.

Herbal Compound 100 Capsules

Manufactured by Greenpet

These are the formulae of Juliette de Bairacli-Levy, the world renowned herbalist and author of many herbal books for animals and people.

Contains - garlic, rue, woodsage, eucalyptus, vervain and mugwort.

Species Dosage
Cats/Dogs ( 1 Capsule twice daily
Dogs (6-19kg) 2 Capsules twice daily
Dogs (20-40kg) 3 Capsules twice daily
Large dogs/Sheep/Goats 4 Capsules twice daily


Administer specified dosage for 5 days then reduce to half dosage for a further 5 days or longer if necessary.

Open capsule and mix herbs into food or give whole orally in a piece of meat.

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