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Brookby Herbs - Free Mover Canine, is a liquid extract of Devils Claw, Meadowsweat, White Willow, Hawthorn Berry, Nettle, Rosehips and Kelp. May assist dogs with inflammation and pain where Metacam may otherwise be used.

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Free Mover Canine

Brookby Herbs

Free Mover Canine is a blend of Herbal extracs in an Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Base.  Brookby Herbal Exctracts are Certified Organic.

The Free Mover Plus contains the Following Herbal Extracts:

*   Devil's Claw - Pain Relief

*   White Willow Bark -  Pain relief

*   Meadowsweat - Pain relief and reduce the bodies acidity and improving circulation

*   Nettle - reduce the bodies acidity and improving circulation

*   Hawthorn - Strengthens the blood capillaries and especially godd for the heart

*   Rosehips -  High in Vitamin C, a water soluable anti-oxidant

*   Kelp - high in trace minerals


Recommened dose is between 5 and 15 drops twice daily depending on size of dog.


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