Fel Eur Animal Bedding

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Fel Eur Animal Bedding

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Fel Eur Animal Bedding

We are a pelletised animal bedding company that is different from the rest, we have an exclusive recipe of 30% compressed rice hulls and 70% clean plantation pine, it has been lab tested and kiln dried at 100 degrees twice to eliminate any pine oil left over which can cause allergic reactions in some animals particularly horses.

It also has medicinal purposes with the rice hulls containing small amounts of silica, it acts like a drawing agent for lactic acid build up and is very insulating.

It draws heat out of laminitic feet, or if warm water is applied will retain the heat for 6-8 hours if an animal is in shock and can safely be spread on the garden as it contains no toxins so also great for reptiles and cat litter.

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