Drontal Chewable Wormers for Dogs

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Drontal Chewable all Wormer- treats all 11 intestinal worms in dogs

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Drontal Chewable Worming Medication for Dogs


Drontal All Wormer, because your dog can give you more than love. It can give you worms.

Dogs infected with worms pose a real threat to your family. And the risk to children is even greater. Kids can easily come in contact with larvae that can penetrate skin causing serious scarring and inflammation. Or even settle in the eye and cause blindness.

What can you do?

Now there’s an easy way to protect your dog and family from worms. With Drontal Chewable - a proven treatment that eradicates all gastro-intestinal worms in your best friend. Drontal Chewables are made with real liver that dogs can’t resist. They are so good they even come with a unique guarantee: your dog will love the chew, or Bayer will replace it with a free Drontal tablet. Ask your vet for Drontal Chewables, or look for it in your pet or produce store.

Why dogs love Drontal Chewables so much?

  • Made with real liver - the taste dogs love
  • 98% of dogs ate the chew within 3 minutes in palatability trials
  • Proven, unmatched efficacy against all major gastro-intestinal parasites
  •  No more wrestling matches when administering to dogs
  • Easier to get into a regular worming routine as most dogs see Drontal Chews as a delicious liver treat
  • Unique ingredients proven through research to be more effective than any other intestinal worming treatment on the market
  • Australian innovation - developed and manufactured locally
  • Protects the health of your dog and your family


Active Constituents

Active Constituent    Each 10kg Chews Contain 
  Each 35kg Chews Contain
Praziquantel 50mg 175mg
Pyrantel (as Pyrantel Embonate) 
49.8mg 174.4mg
Febantel 250mg 875mg

DRONTAL is recommended for the control of all gastrointestinal worms in dogs including:

Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina.
Hookworm Ancylostoma caninum, Ancylostoma braziliense (this hookworm is rare outside the coastal areas of north Queensland, Northern Territory and northern Western Australia), Uncinaria stenocephala.
Trichuris vulpis
Tapeworm Echinococcus granulosus (hydatid tapeworm) Dipylidium caninum (common flea tapeworm) Taenia sp. Taenia ovis, T. pisiformis, T. hydatigena



DRONTAL is given as a single dose by mouth. Fasting prior to dosing is not necessary. IT IS ESSENTIAL TO WEIGH DOGS BEFORE TREATMENT. See Dosing Recommendations below.



  Tablets (Med. Dog)     Tablets  (large Dog)  
5-10kg 1  
10-15kg 1.5  
15.-20kg 2  
 20-35k   1
 52.1 - 70kg   2
 70.1 - 87kg
>87.1kg   3

If worm problems persist, consult a veterinarian.

To remove tablet punch through from front

A single dose of DRONTAL is all that is required. Dogs in hydatid areas should be treated every 6 weeks to ensure that newly acquired hydatid tapeworms are expelled before reaching maturity.  It should be noted that hydatid tapeworm poses a severe risk to human health by transmission to humans from infected dogs.

Dogs and Puppies: treat at 2, 4, 8 and 12 weeks and then every month until six months of age; thereafter every three months or on veterinary advice.
Pregnant Bitches: treat prior to mating, then 10 days before whelping and at 2 and 4 weeks after whelping.

Treat every three months except in hydatid tapeworm areas where every six weeks is recommended, or on veterinary advice.
Dogs can become reinfested with worms and treatment should be repeated. Read the retreatment recommendations opposite or consult your veterinarian.
Worms, if present, may not appear in the droppings at all, or may not appear for up to 48 hours after treatment.

Worms often reinfest dogs so it is necessary to:
(i) treat the dog itself,
(ii) reduce environmental contamination by daily disposal of droppings
(iii) remove tapeworm intermediate hosts, eg fleas.

These recommendations are of a general nature. In specific instances where infestation is particularly heavy or many dogs are housed together, a veterinary surgeon should be consulted.

Flea tapeworms can reinfect dogs and begin producing segments 2-3 weeks after a treatment. If segments reappear before the next DRONTAL treatment is due, either retreat with DRONTAL or use DRONCIT as an intermediate, tapeworm only, treatment.

Retreatment Stickers Simply place these on your calendar at the recommended interval as a convenient reminder to worm your dog.

Dosing tips
•    grip the dogs muzzle with the thumb and index finger in the corners of the mouth behind the eye teeth.
•    push the jaws open by squeezing your thumb and index finger together tilting the head back.
•    place the tablet on the back of the tongue.
•    with the tip of the fmger, push the tablet right over the back of the tongue (all this should be done as quickly as possible).
•    close the mouth and rub the throat until the tablet is swallowed.

Drontal may be combined with other treatments, for example heartworm prevention, flea or tick treatment.

Drontal offers gentle, effective control of worms. It may be given safely to all dogs including old animals, young pups, working dogs and greyhounds.

In pregnant bitches it should be given only in the last 10 days prior to whelping.

Note - Zipper worm (Spirometra erinacei) is a less common tapeworm. If segments are seen in the droppings less than 2 weeks after treatment they will probably belong to this worm. When tapeworm treatment only is required, as in this case, give DRONCIT which is specifically for tapeworm treatment.

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