CoolStance Copra Meal 20kg

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CoolStance Copra Meal

Copra Meal


Coconut meal or Copra meal is a by product of the ripe fruit (nut) of the Coconut Palm.

Copra Meal is a highly digestible supplement with moderately high protein and energy values, with its energy being derived from its relatively high oil and fibre content and no carbohydrate it is a very safe product to feed to ruminants.

This nut is split and the kernel is removed and dried below 6% moisture. This is then called Copra Meal but it still contains oil. After pressing or extracting oil the remaining residue is called Coconut meal.

Copra contains less than 2% starch so does not cause starch related disorders such as trying up and laminitis.

Typical Analysis

Crude Protein 21%
Dry Matter 90%
Acid Detergent Fibra 33.2%
Ash 5%
Ether Extract Oil 8%
Metabolisable Energy 14%
(MJ ME/kg DM)
Bypass Protein 70%

Highly palatable and rich in medium fatty acids which provide readily digestible energy.

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