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Hyfeed Soygize - Premium Protein supplement for building muscle mass

Soygize 20kg



Soygize is a high quality extruded protein source suiyable for horses:

in training,
eventing and
Also suitable for brood mares and young stock

Extruded Soybean Meal

• High density energy

• Protein supplement

• Increased muscle definition

• Improve top line

• Vitamin E enriched

• Chemical free


Feed 300g to 1.5 kg’s per head per day depending on animal age/size/ weight and workload.

Feed in conjunction with existing grain or grain free diets.

Soygize is a high energy soy meal made from select Australian soybeans. Common soy meals on the market are imported for use in pig and poultry feed. These imported meals have been soaked in chemicals to remove their oils for further processing. International research has shown that chemically processed meals can cause nutritional problems in horses.

Hyfeed’s pressure cooking process contains no chemicals and produces the highest quality soy meal available on the market today. Soygize has three times the nutritional value of Copra Meal making it the premium in conditioning supplements.

If you require muscle definition, added top line or an improvement in your horses overall condition than the answer is SOYGIZE. This premium full fat sot meal is packed with essential amino acid protein to ensure that your horse has every chance of obtaining and sustaining optimum performance condition.


Nutritional Analysis Per KG

Total Protein Min 38 % Selenium Min 0.21 mg/Kg
Crude Fat Min 16 % Zinc Min 87 mg/Kg
Salt Max 0 % Vitamin A Min 20,000 IU/Kg
Digestable Energy 14.7 MJ/Kg Vitamin D Min 2,000 IU/Kg
Calcium Min 8 g/Kg Vitamin E Min 40 mg/Kg
Magnesium Min 6 g/Kg Vitamin K3 Min 2 IU/Kg
Phosphorus Min 6 g/Kg Vitamin B1 Min 4 mg/Kg
Sulphur Min 1.5 g/Kg Vitamin B2 Min 8 mg/Kg
Cobalt Min 3 mg/Kg Vitamin B6 Min 4 mg/Kg
Copper Min 30 mg/Kg Vitamin B12 Min 0.02 mg/Kg
Iodine Min 2.4 mg/Kg Biotin Min 0.2 mg/Kg
Iron Max 226 % D-Calcium Pantothenate Min 10 mg/Kg
Manganese Min 95 mg/Kg Folic Acid Min 2 mg/Kg
Niacin Min 40 mg/Kg
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