White E 1.5kg

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White E is a natural anti-oxidant, for use in all horses and dogs. White E is beneficial for horses prone to muscle stiffness, horses fed Vitamin E deficient diets and breeding animals.

White E  -  500g


WHITE-E naturally derived Vitamin E which is a natural biological antioxidant.

White-E is beneficial for

*  muscle strength and stamina,

* horses susceptible to 'tying-up',

* protection against damaging 'free radicals',

* strengthening the immune system and

* reproductive function in mares and stallions.

White-E is also useful for Vitamin E deficiency in racing, working and breeding dogs.



Mix well into feed. 1 scoop = 16g.
Routine daily dose for horses in work is 16g (1000IU)


WHITE-E POWDER Vitamin E 826mg (1000IU) d-alpha-Tocopherol

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