Vitamax 600g

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RANVET Vitamax - Vitamin B Comple, yeast & trace mineral feed supplement

Vitamax 600g

Vitamin B complex, yeast & trace mineral feed supplement

What’s In It?
Specifically formulated for high performance dogs, VITAMAX is a premium grade vitamin, trace mineral and yeast supplement using organic (chelated) trace minerals for optimum absorption.

What Does It Do?
VITAMAX provides all of the high turnover vitamins and trace minerals which are required in increased amounts by performance dogs. A shortage of any essential, high turnover nutrient will significantly reduce performance and health until the deficiency is corrected. Many of these nutrients are critical to muscle, nerve and heart function for efficient energy production for periods of maximum exertion.

How Do I Use It?
Mix evenly into feed once daily. Introduce gradually over 5-7 days to full dose. Each measure provides 4g. Administer 4g daily to racing, pregnant & lactating, and stud dogs. Spelling dogs require 2g, pups receive 1-2g daily.

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