Preventic Collar

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Virbac Preventic Collar may be used on all dogs over 16 weeks of age for the control of ticks.

Preventic Dog Collar


Controls ticks including Ixodes holocyclus (paralysis tick) and Ixodes cornatus (indigenous tick), Haemathysalis Iongicornis (bush tick), Boophilus microplus (cattle tick) Rhipicephalus sanguineus (brown dog tick) in dogs for up to 2 months.

Virbac Preventic Collar may be used on all dogs over 16 weeks of age

The package contain 1 preventic collar that is 72cm in length and contains 
9% Amitraz 90g/kg

Fit the collar to the dog so that 2 or 3 fingers can be easily inserted between the collar and the dog’s neck. The collar may irritate the dog’s skin if attached too tightly.

Cut off and dispose of any excess length of collar.  It will take up to 48 hours before the dog is protected (it takes 24-48 hours for the amitraz to migrate over the dog’s body).

Once applied, do not remove Preventic (except while bathing or swimming as water will reduce the efficacy of the collar) since the continual dosage of Amitraz will be interrupted.

Daily tick searches in paralysis tick areas are highly recommended for dogs.

Preventic is recommended for dogs from 16 weeks of age.

Amitraz is toxic if accidentally ingested. Immediate veterinary attention is required.

Reapply a new Preventic collar every 8 weeks.

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