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Stockgain is a liquid nutritional supplement to assist horses that may be nutritionally defficient or need to add condition.

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Stockgain is manufactured with specially developed yeast extract and seaweed concentrate, blended with Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamins and salts, Stockgain is produced without heating to avoid nutrient loss.

NRG uses molasses as a carrier and taste enhancer.  It is :

* Great for wetting feeds.

* Great to help minimise dust and to mask other added additives or powders,

Stockgain should be mixed with three-four parts water and poured over feed or added to drinking water for horses on the move or when preparing horses for floating or showing.

Stockgain must be added fresh daily. 


Stockgain Contains

*  Yeast and Seaweed Concentrates – especially manufactured for optimum performance.

*  Digestive enzymes for effective digestion and utilisation to our yeast concentrate.

*  Apple Cider Vinegar – traditionally known to assist with joint flexibility, appetite improvement.

*  Vitamins – particularly A, D, E and the B6 group, and micro vitamins.

*  Minerals – including the lesser known yet important minerals, often required in very small quantities, yet vital to an animal’s well being.

*  Salt – potassium, sodium and chloride.

*  Molasses - used as the carrying agent and a rich source of carbohydrates.

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