Kurgo Backseat Barrier

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Kurgo Backseat Barrier creates a strong wall between the front and rear seats of the car to keep Fido in the back and reduce driver distraction. The Backseat Barrier also has an extra partition, which separates passengers from dogs in the backseat. Great for long trips, or just around town.

Backseat Barrier


Keep Fido in his place!

Shield that arm rest! We know what it’s like to drive while trying to fend off a furry head; or whole furry body for that matter.  Never mind the beating the front of your car takes, like when you run into the store and come back to find you know who drooling on the steering wheel.

Here is where the Backseat Barrier™ comes in. Super stylish, this cloth barrier attaches to the back of your front seats creating a soft wall between you and Fido…blocking that little space above your center console. He can still sit and peer through the mesh top; you can even reach back for a scratch if necessary. Most importantly this barrier helps to keep you distraction free while driving, and keeps your pup safely out of the front of the car.

Like all of Kurgo products, this one is versatile and simple to install and remove. See for yourself how just a tiny bit of separation makes you a better puppy parent and driver. 


  • Protects passengers and cargo from roaming dogs 
  • Protects dog from launching forward during quick stops 
  • No need to remove when passengers or cargo are in backseat 
  • Front seat stays clean of dog hair 
  • Universal fit for most vehicles from a compact to a SUV (does no accommodate 2 door cars or minivans) 
  • Simple installation / removal
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