Greenpet Equimin Horse & Livestock Supplement

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Greenpet Equimin

  • Suitable for all farm species
  • Preservative Free
  • All Natural Ingredients

Equimin Horse & Livestock Supplement Powder 


Greenpet Equimin Horse & Livestock supplement powder is a natural nutritional supplement powder that can easily be added to feed and is an ideal natural supplement for horses, ponies, goats, sheep, cows, pigs and alpacas 


Species   Dosage 
 Horses  3-4 tablespoons daily 
 Ponies  1-2 tablespoons daily
 Cows   2 tablespoons daily
 Pigs  2-3 teaspoons daily 
 Alpacas   3 teaspoons daily
 Goats  2 teaspoons daily
 Sheep 2 teaspoons daily

Mix into dampened feed once daily.

Nutritional Analysis

PROTEIN  10.6% 
CALCIUM  5.56%
SODIUM 0.45mg / 50g
IRON  122mg / 50g 
COPPER  0.28mg / 50g 


Dolomite, Australian Kelp, Garlic, Rice bran, Organic Rosehips, Nettle, Organic Chamomile, Organic Peppermint, Organic Alfalfa, Organic Green barley, Organic spirulina, blackstrap molasses & apple cider vinegar.

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