Feramo H with Chromium

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Feramo with Chromium is a scientifically balanced concentrated daily supplement with 9 essential vitamins, 8 essential minerals and 5 amino acids  for performance horses.

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Feramo with Chromium

 2.5kg  & 15kg

Containing  9 vitamins, 8 minerals and 5 amino acids Feramo with Chromium is a supplement, scientifically formulated using the correct balance of nutrients ensuring your performance horse has the building blocks necessary to achieve optimum health, vitality and muscle development.

Feramo with Chromium comes in a 2.5kg Tin providing on average 45 daily doses for and average horse.

Feramo with Chromium is benifical for

*   Yearlings during sale preparation

*   Horses in the early stages of training

*   High Performance athletes - Including racing, eventing showjumping and dressage horses

*   Horses that have difficulty holding condition during training or racing.

Benefits of Feramo with Chromium:

Organic Chromium is absorbed more efficiently than inorganic chromium, and boosts the activity of insulin, optimises the glucose uptake and energy supplies.  Organic Chromium is a safe way to improve muscle protein formation and stimulate the immune system.

The Yeast and Oil seed base give Feramo with Chromium a high palatability rating.

Directions for use:

Mix into feed daily introducing at 1/4 to 1/2 the recommended daily dose rate, increasing gradually to the full dose rate over 7 - 10 days.  A graduated scoop is provided.


Each 56g dose contains:

 Vitamins    Minerals    Amino Acids  
 Vitamin A    22,500IU    
 Iron    174.7mg   
 Isoleucine 526mg
 Vitamin B1 37.5mg  Copper 39.2mg  Leucine    1100mg  
 Vitamin B2 33.9mg  Cobalt      0.3g    
 Lysine 902mg
 Vitamin B3 124.9mg  Zinc 173.6mg  Phenylalanine 235mg
 Vitamin B5 53.9mg   Manganese 173.6mg  Valine 829mg
 Vitamin B6 19.9mg  Selenium   
 Vitamin B12   
0.1mg  Iodine
 Vitamin D3 3000IU  Organic Chromium  
 Folic Acid 5mg        

In a Yeast & Oilseed Meal base. DOSAGE:


Mix daily dose with feed: Graduated scoop provided.

Breeding Stallions 112g ( 2 Scoops)
Horses in poor condition 112g ( 2 Scoops)
Broodmares 56g ( 1 Scoop)
Foals & Weanlings    28-56g ( 1/2-1 Scoop)    
Performance horses 56g ( 1 Scoop)
Racehorses 56g ( 1 Scoop)
Ponies 28g ( 1/2 Scoop)
Show horses 56g ( 1 Scoop)
Yearlings in sale preparation      
56g ( 1 Scoop)
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