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We have outgrown our name.

With an ever increasing range of well known brands of rider gear, we are more than just online horse supplies.  We are now www.herdz.com.au


After serving horse owners all over Australia for over 5 years, Online Horse Supplies has now become HERDZ.  Our name is different, our product range continues to expand, but we will remain Australia's leading online equestrian specialists, shipping discounted horse and rider supplies direct to thousands of horse owners all over Australia.


Why are we one of the fastest growing online retailer of horse products?

Herdz has it all, unbelievably cheap prices, a great range and the best delivery standards, supplying horse supplies to all part of Australia.  Whether you need feed supplements, injectables, drenches, topical applications, horse rugs, saddle blankets, horse boots, tack or horse grooming products we can help.  Whether you are riding horses for pleasure, riding for work, competing or horse racing we will have a product to meet your horse's needs.  To find the horse products you are looking for you can look down the left column and either 'search by category' e.g. horse wormers, horse supplements, horse herbs, horse electrolyte or you can search under the Manufacturers name e.g. 1Equine, Equitec Performance Products, Kelato, Nature Vet, KER, Kohnkes Own, International Animal Health, Virbac or Bomac.  Alternatively, go to the search button in the top right and search using words related to the horse product you need.  For the horse rider, we now stock boots, jodhpurs, jeans, jackets, shirts, chapettes, socks, belts, riding vests, riding helmets, English and Western riding spurs, medical arm bands, competition numbers and even sports bra's!.  Finally, if you still need help to find the right product for the horse or rider, give us a call on 1300 251 739.   Herdz is continuing to expand its range of products with 1000's of new products to be added to stock during 2014.   Check out all our new horse and rider supplies.

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 Leading Online Retailer of products for the Horse and Rider

Herdz is leading the way in the supply of horse products in Australia.

  • Leading the way in providing horse products at highly competitive prices.  Any savings we are able to obtain from our suppliers, we share with you.  Join the smart shoppers who buy their horse products from Herdz and save.
  • Providing a rapidly expanding range of horse products, including new and innovative products when they hit the Australian market.   We hold products from most of the main horse product suppliers meaning you can shop in one place and save time and money.  Unlike other retailers, all product lines are held in stock so we can supply your horse products, when you need them.  Occasionally, due to high demand or supplier delays, some products may be out of stock.  These will be noted on the site, or one of our consultants will contact you to advise you of the expected delivery date of your order.
  • Providing access to horse products for all Australians. There is no such thing as free shipping or flat rate shipping as ultimately the consumer will pay in higher product prices or in subsidising someone else's freight.  We provide a wide variety of shipping options at the best price we can access it for.  Our online shipping calculator provides our best shipping quote for your area.  There is no need to call us during business hours to determine your shipping cost.  Our shipping prices are based on Australia Post and Fastway Courier rates and any bulk discounts we can negotiate will be shared with you.  To obtain your shipping quote, simply add your horse products to the shopping cart, then go to the top navigation bar and click on 'My Cart'.  When the cart opens, a Shipping Estimator will appear under the list of your horse products.  Simply insert your state, town or suburb and postcode and you will be presented with your shipping options.  There is no need to register or provide your full details in order to obtain this shipping quote.  Add or remove products to your cart and re-calculate the shipping estimator to see how you can economise on your shipping costs. 
  • Leading in the ease of shopping online.  We have invested heavily to ensure that our website is easy to navigate around and use.  You can purchase your horse products online, at a time suitable to you, 24 hours a day.
  • We specialise in horse products. Finally, we all own horses and understand the pleasure and responsibility of caring for a horse.  If you do need assistance, please call us on 1300 251 739.

The right supplement for your horse

It can be a challenge buying the right supplement for your horse.  There seems to be a multitude of horse products offering the same benefit.  Some of the products may be very similar.  Some have subtle differences.  Let's say you are looking for a hoof supplement, or maybe a joint supplement for your horse.  There are numerous products available for each and it can be confusing trying to decide on the right product for your horse.  The decision that you do make might depend on general health condition of your health, the horses existing feeding regime and diet, and your time or financial constraints.  If you need assistance in finding the right supplement for your horse, we are here to help you.  Send us an email or call.  

In 2014 we have extended our horse supplement range to now include TRM - performance products out of Ireland and the StaySound range of proven products.  More products are being added weekly.

We now have arguably the largest range of horse supplements available online in Australia.  Further, we hold items in stock and ship immediately confirmed orders are received.  Our website is 'inventory controlled' which means if it is out of stock, our website will say 'out of stock' and you will not be able to order the item.  Occassionally, due to human error, our numbers will be out but we will contact you to discuss alternate arrangements.   We know that if you need a supplement for your horse, you need it now, not in 2 months time.

Horse Wormers

We have a wide range of horse wormers at our best prices.  Our variety of wormers means that you can manage your horse's worming needs with ease.  Check out all our wormers for horses or if you only need to buy horse wormers, then go to our website dedicated to providing horses in Australia with the best priced horse wormers www.discountedhorsewormers.com.au

Horse first aid and veterinarian supplies

Herdz has a full range of first aid and veterinarian supplies for your horse.  First Aid products include a range of bandages, cotton wool and gauze, bandage scissors, syringes, ice packs, poultices, wound clensers and antiseptic creams.  We all know what horse can get up to, so all horse owners should have a basic supply of first aid supplies in their stable and horse float.  Do not leave it too late to get your horse first aid supplies in order. We also have anit-inflamatory and pain-killers for your horse.  Check out our wide range of products for your horse now

Horse Rugs

Keeping to the theme of our products being "All for Horses" we have expanded our range of horse rugs to now include Zilco, Canta, Wild Horse and DIck Wicks.  Whilst we have 100's of horse rugs in stock, if you can not find the brand, style, size or colour you are looking for, give us a call as we may be able to get it in for you.

We also stock the full range of Wild Horse rugs including the ever popular Insect Shield range, in mesh or ripstop, that is infused with Permethrin.  Wild Horse also does the straight hood or veils in the same Insect Shield range.  Online Horse Supplies also stocks the Wild Horse Vitality Treatment rugs, infused with Bio Ceramic powder, designed to improve and maintain good health.

Finally, Herdz, stocks the range of Dick Wick Magnetic Horse Rugs.  The benefits of magnetic therapy has been documents for years and now your horse can benefit.  Check out the post on Facebook from our sponsored western rider, Alison Rogers who just loves the Dick Wicks magnetic rug she got for Link.  These rugs have magnets strategically placed over the wither, back and hind quarter to assist in the relief of pain and stiffness.   If you are only looking for horse rugs, then you can go to our dedicated website specialising in horse rugs  www.horserugsonline.net.au

Horse Tack

Herdz stocks a wide range of horse tack including bridles, bits, reins, halters, girths, lead ropes, whips, brushes, combes, bandages and boots,  We have access to the full range of Cant-a Rugs and Tack and Zilco riding and racing saddles and tack and would be happy to take your orders.  We now have access to the popular brands of Tekna, Pro-Choice, Sterling, Jeremy & Lord and Veredus.  So, whatever your style of riding we can assist with the right products for you.  If you can not find what you are looking for on our site, call us and send and email and we will see how we can help you.

Horse Toys

That is right, we stock toys for your horses.  The every popular Jolly Horse balls and other horse toys from the USA are now in stock.  Don't let your horse get bored in the paddock.  Give him the gift of fun with one of these Jolly Horse Toys.

Equestrian Apparel - Ariat, Thomas Cook, Wrangler, Twisted X Boots, Ascot Equestrian. Peter Williams Equestrian

This year is turning in to another big year for HERDZ with even more popular brands for both the horse and rider hitting our shelves.

We are excited to now be a stockist of ARIAT - the very popular brand of boots, equestrian apparel and accessories.   Ariat commenced in 1993 and quickly established a reputation for quality, comfortable and practical boots and rider apparel.  Check out our range.  If these is something that you would like in the Ariat range that we do not presently stock, let us know and we will arrange to get it in for you.

HERDZ is also proud stockist of quality riding apparel from well known brand like, ELT, Peter Williams Equestrian, Thomas Cook Equestrian, Wrangler and Twisted X.  Our rider gear now includes a range of quality jodhpurs, breehes, jeans, shirts, boots, vests and jackets as well as other accessories.  We have also taken on a range of Blundstone work boots.  The idea boot for around the paddock.

Our involvement in the horse community

Herdz is proud to be associated with the horse industry.  Whilst we believe that we serve the horse industry with a leading service in the supply of competitive horse products, we also give back to the horse community with sponsorships.  Our sponsorships have varied from Dressage to Western Pleasure to Reining, from Events sponsorship to class sponsorship, from raffle prizes to young rider sponsorships.   We are always keen to hear of new opportunities to assist the horse community although our preference will always be giving back to our client base.  Please see our 'Sponsorships' page for further details.  We are very proud of our present sponsored riders are Alison Rogers, Barrel Racer, Kate Rogers, Eventer, Sheridan Sullivan, Eventer and Tim Bowman, Showjumping.  See their full details on our Sponsorship pages or join us on our Facebook page to follow their progress.

Herdz is Australian

Herdz is proudly Australian owned and operated.  We supply horse products to all parts of Australia.  We work with and support the horse community in Australia.

Thank you for your comments

We appreciate hearing from you.  It helps us to understand and help you and all our clients.  If you like our horse products or our service, then send us a testimony to place on our website or place a post on our Facebook page.  If you like a particular product that we stock, then there is the opportunity to write a review on our website or click the Facebook like button on that particular product page.  This may help others to choose the right horse product.  Finally, if you are not happy with our service or any products you have ordered, please go to the 'Contact Us' page and telephone us or send us an email.

Another big year in 2014

Thank you to our thousands of loyal customers who buy their horse supplies from us and making Herdz one of the most popular online sites of its kind in Australia.  This year we will be expanding, with more products for your horse, but many more products for the equestrian rider.  From our beginnings 5 years ago, specialising mainly in horse supplements, we have heard your requests, expanded in to rugs and tack and will be greatly expanding our rider apparel range further in the new future.  Please keep in touch with us and if there are any products you would like us to stock, please feel free to email your request.  

We also continue to explore better buying options so we can pass the savings on to you.


We have stock on hand and we're ready to ship your order for rider and horse supplies direct to your door, wherever you are in Australia.

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